Pergola Kit Selection

Choosing a pergola kit is a fast and easy way to have your back yard upgraded with a beautiful new shade structure. If you are not quite sure of your pergola construction abilities and would like  much of the work done ahead of time, then check out the selection in our pergola store.

The biggest difference from using pergola plans is that you don’t need to worry about measuring and cutting your material. Not only is all that done for you, but there are also notches and pre-drilled holes.

The beam set at the top of the above image shows that the kit will even have some pieces delivered already attached to each other. In addition, pergola kits come complete with all the hardware needed to put together your pergola. Attached pergola kits will include the wall mounts for the ledger board that will be secured to the outside of your house. Most pergola kit manufacturers will also ask you how you intend to secure your posts and will send the specific instructions and hardware to meet your needs. In all cases, the detailed, step by step, illustrated instructions will be easy to read and can be followed by anyone. You will simply need one or two friends to help with the construction but it can all be done in one day.

If you are still operating within a small budget, there are plenty of beautiful pergola kits available for less than $2,000. The pergola kit store has many pages of inventory and is sorted by price so just click through the pages to find one that will fit your budget. Vinyl pergola kits are particularly striking and provide an excellent value for your money. This material is especially  well matched next to a pool or spa since the synthetic outer layer is completely resistant to moisture or insect damage. In fact, the best way to keep a vinyl pergola looking like new is simply to hose it off!

For pure rustic charm though, a cedar pergola kit is hard to pass up. As with any timber pergola kit, the wood is pressure treated to ward off insects but the red cedar specifically has a natural oil that provides an extra level of pest deterrent. No matter which material you choose, the manufacturer will send only the finest quality product and will provide you with instructions on long term care for your pergola.

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If you’ve decided that you really want to add a pergola to your property, then your next step is to check out our Guide to Building a Pergola in One Weekend

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