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How to Build a Pergola – Introduction

Building a pergola is a rewarding home improvement project

The benefits to learning  how to build a pergola for one of your first DIY  projects are its simplicity in design, cost, and time it takes to build from start to finish.


Free Standing Cedar Pergola


Pergolas add personality to your backyard

You can easily give your back yard some personality and character. Just a simple pergola adds that sense of warmth and relaxation that we all want in our home.

There are many pergola ideas to choose from

Some of the more popular uses are for deck and patio covers. These are called attached pergolas. They just have supporting posts or columns on one side and the other side is attached to your house. A freestanding pergola like the one above would not be attached to a structure. It has a full set of posts and support beams allowing it to placed anywhere in your yard, most likely to shelter a seating area, spa or hot tub, garden, or even serve as car ports or garages.

And many types of pergolas for different purposes

A roof pergola could be attached to the top of a wall, fence or gate rather than secured into the ground to provide a more defined entryway into your front yard or other areas of your property.

A backyard garden pergola could be a place to grow and display your favorite vines. Planters can be attached between the posts for you to place and display your flowers. It can designate areas of your property by covering a spa, for example.

You can have a pergola with walls, much like a gazebo. You can even build it around your outdoor kitchen to serve as the grill area.

For those who are planning a backyard wedding or reception, having a wedding pergola is the perfect look you’ll want to wow your guests with. These make perfect picture shots, too.

Choose from a variety of pergolas plans available

As you start to look into how to construct a pergola, you will find many places with free plans to help you get started. You can do that right here on our own home page by signing up with your email. There are also many resources available  to help you customize your own pergola plans. With very little prior woodworking or building experience, you can easily build a pergola on your own.

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If you’ve decided that you really want to add a pergola to your property, then your next step is to check out our Guide to Building a Pergola in One Weekend

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